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Welcome to TintLife

Nice to meet you.

This page is an English-language introduction to the renowned South Korean hair salon brand, "TintLife." It is aimed at introducing our products and business to those who are interested. If our products are needed in your country, please feel free to contact us.

TinLlife is Korea's famous hair salon & Cosmetic company


Korean cosmetics and beauty technology are at the highest level globally.

TintLife is a salon dedicated exclusively to the preferred "Caramel Brown" hair color for Asian women. With a focus on hair coloring, the salon provides specialized treatments and services, ensuring high customer satisfaction. Using natural ingredients from Jeju Island, South Korea, like pure mugwort and patchouli, their hair dye products promote scalp and hair health.


We have created the brand through deep contemplation and philosophy.


Tintlife represents the core value of "the pursuit of beauty and a healthy life."

The brand name "TINTLIFE" embodies the diverse ways we live and our motivations. It reflects various life styles (tint) with unique personalities. The symbol, a 'Purple Heart,' signifies an everlasting pursuit of beauty and harmonious coexistence with nature. It represents the core value of "the pursuit of beauty and a healthy life."

Humans endlessly explore and pursue beauty.

Human nature is defined by the ceaseless quest for beauty—a universally relatable story. The notion that women, in particular, bear the genetic legacy of the beauty goddess 'Aphrodite' sparks curiosity. TintLife strategically centers its business on "hair color" and "cosmetics" to attain sustainable profitability. Our business design aims at optimizing return on investment with increased effectiveness and efficiency.

"Staying true to the basics, 'BASIC.'"

TintLife aims to create 'good design' through everyday moments, where it may seem ordinary, yet we communicate and empathize. We strive to make all our services a source of happiness in everyday life and create stories that all family members can share together.


Super Ion Flex System

Pupple Heart

Hair Serum


Daily hair damage accumulating in everyday life.

"Now, you can care for your hair healthily with Pupple Heart Ion Effector."

"TintLife's 'Pupple Heart Ion Effector Hair Serum' has received excellent reviews from many people in South Korea due to its outstanding functionality and effects. It is popular among South Korean women who seek hair management and sophistication, thanks to its special feature of protein absorption when heated with a hairdryer."

You can trust it.

Korean cosmetics and beauty technology are at the highest level globally.


It combines collagen and elastin to dye hair
It has excellent effectiveness.

Phytantriol adheres to the hair, protects it from hot ultraviolet rays or heat, and has an excellent effect on collagen and elastin synthesis.


You can buy it.


it is only available on Korean mall sites. Export and sales to other countries are being prepared. If you need it, please contact us separately.

How to use it.

After thoroughly towel-drying post-shampoo, apply an appropriate amount of hair serum evenly to damp hair. Once hair is dry using a dryer, proceed with styling and finish. For severely damaged hair, apply a small additional amount after styling for extra care.


"Experience the beautiful products and spaces of TintLife."

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